Author -  Catherine Cole


Last year I had a terrible fall and found myself struggling with the residual effects of the injury. I woke up every morning with achy hip, a stiff lower back and a bad case of tennis elbow that was persistent and infuriating. I had to fly to Vancouver and went as far as purchasing a 2 kg suitcase because the regular weighted one was too much to manage with my elbow. While at the conference, I met a fellow who put a sleeve on my arm with a bold statement “ here, try this, it will help!”  And low and behold it did. Literally a few hours later I went back to see him because I was away that my pain was less and that I had more strength in my arm. “What is in this arm sleeve?” I asked Jackson- the founder and inventor of Incrediwear. “ It seems to be helping.” And it did. Within 2 weeks my pain was down 70% and within a month it was gone completely. I went back to Jackson and purchased a product for my hips and so my relationship with Incrediwear began.


How does it work? Jackson explained that the the threads themselves of all of the Incrediwear products are made of conductive material that when applied to the skin creates circulation and reduces pain and inflammation. It originates out of the U.S. and is the first FDA approved pain relieving fabric. It comes in so many different styles and has many different applications. It is used by professional sports teams and athletes all over the world. It is used in burn units and for pre and post surgery protocols. I personally have had many experiences with it that I find amazing. I tend to think of it as magic fabric and so I use it whenever I think there is a need for less inflammation in an area. When I have had an ear ache or a sore throat - I wrap the material around my neck or place over my ear when I’m sleeping. I have wrapped it around my 89 year old mother-in-law’s leg when she had a cut and as her skin is paper thin it usually takes weeks to heal but with the Incrediwear bandage it looked like a week had passed the next morning. It is being used for so many injuries a to speed healing and reduce swelling and inflammation. What I love about it is it’s ability to stimulate healing in the body without the use of drugs, so there are no contraindications to worry about. It is also fairly inexpensive and wears well- it just requires washing every 3 days, without bleach and a hand dry. It can even be turned into an ice pack. 

Incrediwear is made in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit many different situations. There are socks for diabetics as well as those that suffer with Raynauds. There are arm, knee, ankle, shoulder, calf and leg sleeves for all kinds of situations. They. Even make tensor bandages in 2 different sizes which I have actually cut up to use as a headband ( post concussion) or wrap around someone who got bitten by a manta ray and had a wound that would not heal. As you can tell, I am a great fan of this magic fabric. For me, meeting Jackson was truly an incredible experience. 

Come into the store to learn more and experience the product for yourself.